January 07 2022

Every week we will be highlighting five of our favourite things. Whether it be products, paint colours or other designers.
We have one goal in mind - for every client to LOVE their home. With that being said here are our five favourite items of the week:

1. A client favourite! This Turkish towel is large, luxurious and absorbent. Available in white, light grey and dark grey.

2. The Crinkle throw is made from a 4-layer, pure Turkish cotton, crinkled muslin fabric. This is a high-quality, lightweight, beautiful bed cover designed to layer on top of bedding, place amongst a pillow collection on a couch, add warmth and texture to a foyer bench, and more. 

3. A Terracotta urn with small handles is a perfect way to style greenery or flowers.

4. Baskets are perfect to store books, toys or event toilet paper! You could even decorate them with a potted plant.  

5. LoveFresh hand soap. A gentle yet effective wash that is free of harsh detergents. Using spring water and natural extracts including elder flower and chamomile. 

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